• May A

NHS Diaries – You Are in Control

Anxiety is a part of every human being. You must have heard the usual explanation about fight or flight response in relation to cavemen/women.

Growing up I religiously listened to a great thinker named Dr Wayne Dyer, otherwise known as the father or motivational speaking. I used to love everything he produced and dreaded the day he would pass away as I did not believe anyone could live up to his wisdom. Unfortunately, he did pass away in 2015, may he rest in peace.

One of the things he discussed which resonated with me and will probably forever resonate with me is how humans think they are in control but they really are not, you’ve got to love a misleading title ey?

This is what he discussed:

When you are in your mother’s womb you are not in control. You would not think to get a sonogram to make sure that your nose is growing, would you? But somehow magically as soon as you pop out of the womb you tell the universe ‘right, I’ve got it from here on.’

This rings true in everyday life, but in this pandemic, it has been proven to be accurate word for word. Businesses are shut, economies have collapsed, people are dying. That is the pragmatic truth. Having said that, the mind-blowing thing about it all is that people are shocked. They are shocked because they thought they were in control; they are shocked because they had planned their retirement which is in 40 years with the arrogance that every aspect of the future is in the power of their hands. 

This post may be harsh. In fact, it is extremely harsh to the majority of people because until this day they are so frustrated that they are not in control. They want to control the pandemic, they want everything to go back to ‘normal’, they are doing everything in their power to exert their dominance again but really, the lesson that the universe is trying to teach us is being missed by many and until humans stop and reflect, history will keep repeating itself, naturally and philosophically and 'shocking, unprecedented times' will continue to be a shock because of one simple truth: human arrogance.  

Dr Dyer said ‘be soft like the water’, because water is stronger than any stone.

Water survives through anything because it reshapes itself into whatever nature needs it to be, it does not resist, it knows it is not in power and that makes it eternally powerful.

Dr Wayne Dyer, this is a thank you note, may you rest in peace.