• May A

Mama Was Right - Series One: Success

The older I get, the more it hits me on a daily basis - mama was right.

It is frustrating, because sometimes her pragmatic view of the world contradicted my rosey millennial way of thinking, I was raised primarily by my family but also slightly by the culture I'm surrounded with - the 'I can do anything' culture, but I now know she was right in so many ways that I have to now categorise them into series!

In today's segment, I am going to explore why my mama was right about this statement:

'Although we should all aim to be successful and work really hard for it, success is not guaranteed for everyone.'

This was really difficult to come to terms to, it still bothers me every single day as I'd like to consider myself extremely hard working. But as this series is titled Mama Was Right, I will need to explain to you why she is.

Baseline Finances

The speed of your success is heavily affected by your baseline finances, let me explain.

We can all pave our own paths, we can all aim really high and do the best with what we are given. However, an 18-year old human (A) who has a financially-sound parent is not in the same boat as an 18-year old (B) with a parent who is unable to fund themselves let alone their child.

As a result, in this scenario, if A wanted to go to university, they will graduate debt-free and are able to venture into the world more easily than B. Or indeed, if they wanted to skip university altogether and start a business, A is more likely to succeed FASTER than B. In the long run, things might be different, and I will come to that below, but B will most likely struggle more as he or she does not have the support that A has.

These are facts, millennials, I can hear you saying 'but, but, law of attraction' and yes I agree, and although it does exist, you cannot pretend that baseline finances do not affect the start of your careers.

Baseline Models

If you grew up in an environment that told you 'you can become anything you want', you are more likely to explore various avenues and trial various careers which can lead to your success. On the other hand, if you are at a young age surrounded by people who said 'I am too old to do this' though they were only in their 30s, the likelihood is that you would have unintentionally stuck to that psychology and unless you are psychologically insightful, you wouldn't even be aware of your negative thought patterns. Therefore, you are more likely to miss opportunities that could make you successful.

Baseline Support

This a HUGE one, links in tightly with the point made above. A human born into surroundings that do not provide emotional or logistical support, they will take much longer to establish themselves compared to a human with a family that is supportive.

This is different to financial support, although that too is highly important, this, I would argue is even more important. Take this scenario for instance, child C is born into a single parent household - that single parent is a workaholic and is also extremely financially successful. They will provide their child with all the finances required to set up a business for them or go to university, however, if that parent was always working and did not establish a bond with their child, their child might not have the baseline psychology to steer him or her into the right direction.

The Goddess of Fortune

Life is interesting - you think you add 1 to another 1 and get the value of 2, but sometimes you might get a result of -50 or 50,000,000. There are many intricate factors that affect things, and in all honesty, this blog post is very simplified, but a very important thing that must not be ignored, and sometimes we are foolish to disregard it is.... luck.

Yes, luck.

Lottery winning? That overrides all baseline factors.

Have you ever seen two hairdressers on the same street, one extremely busy and the other had no clients in? And you know from your own experience they are both equally as good?

'You create your own fortune' - you might be thinking. But what about the hair dresser who is doing everything there is to be done, identical to the other hairdresser, and still not succeeding?

Luck, be a lady.

But why? Does that mean life is unfair? What is the point in working hard then if the Goddess of Fortune can just come in and sweep it all off?

The reason being - everyone has a different lesson to learn in life. Sounds philosophical? Well, this is why I've written this under the philosophy section.

A person who has been blessed with extreme luck, could have worked hard, could have just been sitting around doing nothing, but life is tailored to each individual to test them and the important part is to reflect on our tailor made lessons.

Are you arrogant because you became a manager at a young age?

Have you stopped speaking to a set of people after you won the lottery?

Are you miserable because you work so hard but you get no financial return for it?

It is all a lesson, so tune in, take a step back and reflect.

Equally, you CANNOT use the goddess of fortune to sit back and do nothing - because that will statistically increase your chances of misfortune.

Mama was right, not everyone can be successful, BUT, everyone has to work hard. From that I continue to say, everyone also has to reflect and elevate themselves from being human, because naturally humans are selfish, arrogant and obnoxious.  

On that note - get in touch, tell me if you believe in luck, do you disagree or agree with all the above? Let me know!