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Luxury Fashion - Is It Worth It?

A few months after I got engaged, I came to realise and eventually accept three things:

1) Though I am not a fan of big weddings, I have to have one.

2) Though I had no prior interest in organising parties or weddings at all.... AT ALL, I had to plan mine (more on this in other posts).

3) I had to spend a lot of money on things I may not necessarily care about, and had to be OK with it.

'But May, you live in a day and age where you can literally do whatever you want and your wedding should be a reflection of that'.

I hear you screaming - but my dear friends, that freedom that you think you have, is really nothing but an illusion that Xennials (Gen X) passed onto millennials created to comfort their babies and sadly millennials didn't really think it through and have lived a life of denial believing it and passed it onto the iGeneration - more on this in future posts, stay tuned.

What is this post about then? - You might ask yourself... If you did ask that question, I'd like to ask you to be patient, good things come to those who wait, or read thoroughly in this case.

See, although points 1 - 3 frustrated me during the wedding planning phase of my life, I didn't realise that wedding planning would also give me a whole new set of skills that are transferable to my career such as organisational. managerial and negotiation skills. But this is not my CV, I won't bore you with my newly acquired skill set. Apart from those skills, I learned invaluable lessons that I would have never had the chance to learn if it wasn't for this job that I didn't know I signed up to when I said yes to my boyfriend at the time (hubby now).

Onto this post's lesson:

Jimmy Choo Store - Beverly Hills

Brides in London are quite similar, they all follow some Instagram pages, Pinterest posts and they more or less want the same thing - a big fat wedding telling the world how gorgeous they are, an idea which frustrated me to the bone.

One of the rites of passage for every bride, or so they think, is acquiring the most gorgeous pair of shoes, so that your videographer would capture a shot of it while it is rotating on some glass stand, and your photographer would capture a stunning photo of it which you'll most likely bin when you are about 45 years old and mature enough to realise it is just a photo of a pair of shoes.

If you look at examples of wedding photos or wedding videos, you'll notice one brand of shoes that keeps popping up over and over again, like hypnotising subliminal message on repeat 'get me, get me, you deserve me'. This brand is: Jimmy Choo.....!

No matter how analytical my brain is, I am human after-all and hypnosis did work on me. When I was trying to pick wedding photographers and vidoegraphers, the message was loud and clear and I was under the influence of Mr Datuk Jimmy Choo Yeang Keat - great Malaysian businessman by the way.

I caved in, I thought to myself that I work very hard, I deserve a pair, hence booked a bridal appointment at the flagship Jimmy Choo store. The staff are amazing in the store, friendly, funny, approachable. They greet you with any drink you like as you walk in and within two minutes of being in the store, I found The One and her name was Something Blue.

The pair of shoes reminded me of princess Diana, I could see the beauty behind it, simple, elegant and had a tiara placed at the front, it wasn't a tacky looking tiara, more like a royal tiara.

The shop didn't have my size and had to order it in for me, in these stores, it is awkward asking how much things cost, because you almost have to pretend that money doesn't matter in your life and that you are some rich non-NHS worker. I had prepared myself for the worst and when she mentioned the price to me, it was what I had expected all along, about £700 or $875.

For those of you fashionistas out there, or brainwashed brides, you might think that it is actually a very reasonable price for bridal shoes (I was the latter of course). For those of you living in the normal world and tend to wear comfortable cheap Toms Shoes are probably lifting your eyebrows with shock.

I am no one to judge, if you want to wear expensive shoes, that is on you, if you work hard for every penny you make, you are entitled to spend your money however you wish (within reason, please don't fund crazy groups). This post is not judging you.

The very nice girl who was serving me, ordered my size in which arrived two days later. I was very excited to try it on and meet The One. Unfortunately, the size was too small and was pinching my toes, so she ordered half a size up which arrived a week later.

As I tried my size on, it fit perfectly, the more I looked at The One in the mirror, the more I fell in love with it. I decided to stay in the shop for a little while to get used to walking in the shoes, I walked around, went up and down the stairs and above ten minutes later, if my feet could speak, they would have screamed in agony. The girl that was serving me laughed at me and said 'we all have to suffer for beauty, don't we?'

In that moment it occurred to me..... These shoes are not worth their price..... AT ALL!

Snapped by Barney Walters
Comfort above all

I came back to my senses, the hypnosis was wearing off, my analytical mind started interjecting:

'Why should I pay £700 for a pair of shoes that no one is actually going to see and MOST importantly feel like I am wearing two stone bricks?!'

Of course I didn't tell the saleswoman that.

After doing some research, I decided to go with a beautiful Ted Baker pair that were reasonably priced, planned to wear them for the civil ceremony only, followed by a pair of heavenly, super comfortable Filas. I danced the night away, enjoyed every minute and was described as the Duracell bride!

The only way to really enjoy your wedding

Photo credit for the last two photos: Barney Walters instagram handle: @barneywalters